Regardless of where you are at in your faith journey, don't do it alone, join with others who are focused on Jesus.

Life groups

A safe place to come, connect, be known and know, build friendships, serve, learn and have fun. Growth happens best in the context of relationships.


We seek to grow in faith through Bible study, prayer and relationships. We want to actively engage our families,  faith communities and the world.


We want to encourage each other, get real about struggles, serve, have fun together, and sharpen each other to be the men our God has called us to be.


Doing Life Together. This is a low threat environment where you can make friends and not just be a face in the crowd. We connect for fun activities, and service.


From our neighbors next door to across the Earth – we want to meet needs, introduce people to Jesus, and reach everyone with the message of God’s love. 


Prayer is powerful. There is a team of people who are dedicated to meet weekly and pray for our church, prayer requests, the community and our world. 


We have books, articles, movies, online resources and audio books. These can be ways God speaks to us and can help us move forward in our spiritual journey. 


 Let's make a difference at LakeView and elsewhere. If you have a special talent but aren't sure how to use it, we can help. If you are unsure of your talent we can help!