Bekah Roehl


I am a Lutheran Pastor's kid. I was raised in the Midwest, and moved relatively frequently. If pressed, I would say my "hometown" is Des Moines, IA. My husband Travis and I were married in June, 2011. We moved to beautiful Charleston, SC, where we spent the first five years of our marriage. We bought our first house in Evansville in Fall, 2016, and are considering ourselves settled. We don't have kids yet, but we do have a Lab puppy, Max. He's a 90 lb tumble-tank bursting with energetic devotion.

The Lord has been working on my heart as long as I can remember. I enjoy digging into Scripture, theology, and doctrines. I also love music of all kinds, and have been involved in church choirs and praise groups at every church I've regularly attended. God uses my family, music, and his creation to minister to and convict me. I'm constantly in awe of the world he created, and love to get outside. It blows my mind that my God is powerful enough to not only create everything I see, but also math and physics, and he still chooses to make his dwelling place in us.