Kwik Trip Gift Cards

LakeView Student Ministries is raising money for students to attend different events during the year. Each year students go to a district youth conference in Green Bay, go on a mission trip or attend a national youth conference. 

Money raised from fundraisers like selling Kwik Trip cards will offset the cost of what the student needs to come up with.  

We’re partnering with Kwik Trip where they sell gift cards to non-profit organizations, such as LakeView, for a discounted price. Then, LakeView sells those gift cards at face value and apply the discount to the LakeView Students' trip account.  The gift cards can be used at the pumps or for any in-store purchase, excluding money orders, in WI, MN, and IA. 

Cards can only be picked up by the purchaser or the person designated by the purchaser on the online form. We accept payment by check at time of pickup or you may pay online.

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Possible denomination are: $25, $50, $100
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You may pay by check, or pay online