A Life Group is a community of people who share life together through life's ups and downs.   Come connect, know, and be known! The primary goals of a Life Group are community and discipleship. Life Groups do things like serving, studying, and having fun together. They bring encouragement and strength to your relationships, careers, ministries, and faith. It is a place where you can connect, know, and be known by people who care for you.


Life Groups are mostly organized around age and stage of life.  
Questions? Contact Pastor Alex by email or call 608-873-9838


30s-40s : Gary & Tara Wheeler

This is a great group for single adults, married couples, and people with kids in elementary to high school. This stage in life has unique challenges that allow couples and singles to connect and help one another grow.

  • Meeting Day and Time: Sunday 5-7 pm

  • Meeting Location: Rotating Homes


Mixed Aged Adults: Tom and carol glass

This life group is made of people in many different life stages, ranging in age from late 20’s to 60+. They meet weekly and often gather for potluck meals.

  • Meeting Day and Time: Wednesday 6.30-8.30pm

  • Meeting Location: LakeView Fireside Room


Boomers:Dave & Linda WilsoN

This is a group of empty nesters, parents of high school students, grandparents, and great grandparents. A typical night has fellowship, Bible study, and prayer, with a definite emphasis on praying together. 

  • Meeting Day and Time: Monday 7-9pm

  • Meeting Location: The Wilson Home


Mixed Adults: Ken & Pam Schuh

Ken and Pam are excited about discipling and growing in their faith. This group is for adults of any age or stage in life.

  • Meeting Day and Time: Tuesdays 6.30-8.30pm

  • Meeting Location: The Schuh Home


Mixed Adults/Evansville: Gary & Colet Cook

This Life Group has adults from all stages of life and meets in Evansville. They are passionate about connecting and sharing across life stages.

  • Meeting Day and Time: Wednesdays 6.30pm

  • Meeting Location: The Hoffman Home

Guzmans (2).jpg

Fun and Over 50: Ed & Becky Guzman

Ed and Becky serve as coordinators for a group where everyone contributes in leadership! This group currently has couples and singles at various stages of their faith journey. The current age range is 50 to 75 and most members have grown children. 

  • Meeting Day and Time: Monday 6.30-8pm (Every other week)

  • Meeting Location: Rotating Homes


Women’s Empty Nesters: Aldine Erickson

This group of mature women meet weekly for fellowship and Bible Study, and they serve in occasional service projects. This group is open to women in any family situation, and they meet during the day.

  • Meeting Day and Time: Tuesday 1.30pm

  • Meeting Location: LakeView Living Room


40s-50s: John and Mary Bowman

This life group has adults in their 40s-50s. There are people with children in high school, college, or beyond. They meet every other week to connect and grow together.

  • Meeting Day and Time: Sunday Afternoon (Every other week)

  • Meeting Location: Rotating Homes

Mixed Adults: John & Pat Fevig

This group is made up of adults from different ages and stages of life. They are passionate about growing in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

  • Meeting Day and Time: Sunday 6pm (Every other week)

  • Meeting Location: The Fevig home


Young Adults/Parents of Young Kids: Wayne & Marissa Hansen/Jesse and jo Barriga

This Life Group consists of people in their 20s, 30s, and 40s. They are single, married, with kids of all ages, or without kids. They are passionate about growing and going deeper into community and their walk with Jesus. This group also participates in Life Group Kids (see below).  

  • Meeting Day and Time: Tuesday 6.30-8pm

  • Meeting Location: Rotating Homes

Horrisbergers (2).jpg

New planting group-Young Adults/Parents of Young Kids: Ryan and erin horrisberger

This group is a new "plant" group made up of young adults through parents of young children. With mostly new members, this group loves to connect and build community with new people. This group also participates in Life Group Kids (see below).

  • Meeting Day and Time: Tuesday 6.15-8pm

  • Meeting Location: Rotating Homes


Life Group Kids

For groups that meet on Tuesday nights, there is an amazing Bible story time for kids! Parents drop off their children to hear a Bible story, sing songs, and memorize Scripture. This is for all parents who attend Life Groups and need childcare to make that happen. Ask your Life Group Leader or Pastor Alex for more information.

  • Drop-off: Tuesdays 6.00pm @ LakeView (lower-level)

  • Pick-up: Tuesdays 7.45pm @ LakeView (lower-level)

Mixed Adults: Kevin & Cheryl Louis

This group is passionate about living out their faith by connecting with others and sharing the love of Christ.  Kevin and Cheryl are a blended family and welcome all families and individuals to attend their newly launching life group.  Limited childcare may be available at the Louis home.

  • Meeting Day and Time: Sunday 6.30-8pm

  • Meeting Location: The Louis Home