Dave Sheard

Dave met his favorite Canadian, Edi, in 1980 while attending Bible College in Howick, New Zealand.  They were married in British Columbia in 1981 and moved to Stoughton.  Dave applied his love of math in pursuing a career as a civil engineer.  He still does some part-time engineering work.

Family is very important to Dave. Dave grew up in a hardworking, close-knit Wisconsin farm family that was active in the local church. Dave and Edi have two adult sons, Mark and Donald. Mark, a mechanical engineer, is married to Leah and they have three children, Madison, Austin and James. They live in Shorewood, WI.  Don, an environmental scientist, lives in Minnesota and works “outdoors” for the Minnesota DNR.

Dave lists his ministry passions as serving and giving to prosper Kingdom growth. “Doing ministry has never been a sacrifice of time and resources; it’s all about the joy of serving and the fun of being generous with the resources God has entrusted to me.” Dave is a founding member of the Madison Christian Generosity Council and also active with the Madison Christian Giving Fund. These organizations seek to grow Christian philanthropy and fund programs and organizations that intentionally promote the Gospel throughout the greater Madison area.

At LakeView, Dave serves on staff as Director of Building and Grounds in a volunteer capacity.