Kevin Louis


I grew up on a Dairy farm by Barron, Wisconsin and graduated from DeVry in the Chicago land area with a degree in Electronics and Electricity.  Though I grew up attending a Lutheran church, I had no personal relationship with Christ and I hadn’t turned my life over to Christ.  After college while living in the Chicago area God put a series of events, books, and people into my life to bring me to a point of having to make a decision about my faith.  At that point I turned my life over to Christ at the age of 21. Christ truly changed my life, I tell the story that the transformation was so great that my parents were worried I had joined a “cult”.  

I have been attending an Evangelical Free church over the past 11 years.  I met my wife at Door Creek Church nine years ago and together we have 7 children (EJ, Matt, James, Mika, Abi, Kaleb, and Rachel) and two grandchildren. 

I have worked in the electric utility business for the past 25 years and currently I’m employed at Madison Gas and Electric.  Cheryl and I started attending LakeView almost 4 years ago and moved to Stoughton 3 years ago.  I’m excited to be part of LakeView and hope to glorify God through my service to the local body.