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God Has a Blueprint for My Life

There are many false ideas, spiritual urban legends, floating around our churches today. Unfortunately, we often swallow these lies hook, line, and sinker, and then get frustrated with God for failing to keep promises He never made! Pastor Andy kicks off a new series, Lies Christians Swallow, by looking at a common misconception about God’s will. Does God really have a “blueprint” for our lives?

Ezra: Heart, Head, Hands

What is the foundation of your life?  And what do we want to be the foundation of the life and ministry of LakeView Church?  Laying the proper foundation is a critical element of building anything, whether a home, a family, a life or a ministry.  This week and next, our new Lead Pastor, Andy Fuqua, begins a short series studying two leaders from the Old Testament who laid solid foundations for the nation of Israel.  As we see how these men built their lives and ministries, we'll be able to apply those principles to our lives and to the ministry of LakeView Church for decades to come.