We've got volunteer teams in the tech booth, making coffee, clearing snow, greeting folks as they come in, teaching children, leading worship...actually, they're pretty much everywhere.  Know what's missing? You!  Want more info on joining a team or need help figuring our where you fit in?  We'd be glad to help, let us know info@lakevc.org, 608-873-9838


Join a Team

BIG (Building, Infrastructure and Grounds)
It is the mission of the BIG team to rid our facility of dirt, germs and grime on a weekly basis. And the fun doesn't stop there! The BIG Team takes care of the beautiful building and lawn that God has provided for LakeView. If your gift is cleaning, handy fix-it projects, tech, or gardening/landscaping, the BIG Team will be a good fit!

On Sundays we connect with visitors, help folks feel welcome, provide information, and operate the cafe.

Worship Arts
Our worship leaders are singers, instrumentalists, actors and dancers. We know that the heart of worship, is growing intimacy with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Lights, camera, action. We run the cameras, lights, presentations, and sound board. We are behind the scenes playing a critical role.

LakeView Kids and Students
Helping to teach the next generation about Jesus requires all kinds of people. Actors, techies, small and large group leaders and behind the scenes prep people.