Wayne Hansen

Wayne grew up just outside of Stoughton and he is happy to still be able to call Stoughton home. He attended college at UW-Eau Claire, where he first became a Christ-follower while involved with Campus Crusade for Christ and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. A couple of key mentors in Eau Claire influenced and encouraged Wayne while he grew and stepped into leadership roles in ministry. The encouragement and efforts of these disciple-making-minded men have come full circle, as Wayne desires to be the same kind of disciple-maker that these men were. Since initially coming to LakeView in 2002, Wayne has been involved in many ministries, including student ministry, young adult ministry, Life Group ministry, and he served on the elder board from 2012 - 2018. You might recognize his face, as he also serves as a worship team host many Sundays. Currently, Wayne is a consultant in the healthcare information technology field, where he is able to use his knowledge and experience in project management, information technology and health plan administration. 

Wayne’s wife, Marissa also grew up in Stoughton and attended UW-Eau Claire; however, it wasn’t until they both moved back to Stoughton and began attending LakeView that they became friends. They later fell in love, were married, and now have four little ones:  Maren, Kristian, Sven, and Liv. Marissa's professional background is in school counseling, which ties into her love for kids and their development. In addition to motherhood, Marissa enjoys creative arts and drama, paddle boarding, and anything in, on or near a lake or beach.